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The Transcredible Exploits of Kate McGoggins

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My fellow works full time and provides the roof over our
heads. He is my everything, and we are at eleven years
strong. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He
is a gamer, he's heavily tattooed with the most tasteful
ink you will ever see, he is an artist, his favorite food
is soup, and he has sexy green eyes.

We adopted a dog called Apollo who is a corgi/golden re-
triever mix. He turns heads. He's adorable. We call him our
[silly descriptive adjective] McGoggins. He's a senior,
at almost eleven years old now, and the closest thing we'll
ever have to a child. He loves his squeaky platypus and
tuggy-cow and loves to flump all day erry day.

Up until recently, we lived in a sassy little 70s a-frame
cabin. We sold it in 2018, sadly and unfortunately, because
we bought a different house more suited to Daren's needs.
It's a cute little 500 square foot living space above an
1100 square foot shop. We finally moved out of the county
we had been living in since 2010, to one further southwest.
The house comes with access to a branch of the Puget Sound.
This is the closest I've ever lived to ocean, and I grew up
in Hawaii.

I'm a travel enthusiast. In my 35 years, I've done a lot
of domestic and a bit of international travel and I'm
always craving more. More culture, more exposure, more
everything. If I didn't have my travel adventures under
my belt, I think I'd be an even duller person. I would
very much like my next expedition to be to Wales (where I
am a bit of a poor man's celebrity).

I work full time at a holistic pet supply shop. It's retail,
so it's not the most glamorous of jobs, but it pays the bills,
enables me to save money, I have a boss who actually gives two
craps about me, and co-workers that are easy to deal with and
make me look forward to work. I go to trade shows, I get tons
of free fun stuff for the furkid, and I'm learning and educating
the general public on their pets. It's not a forever job, but
it works.

I have a lot of hobbies, but my favorite ones of late are
kayaking and embroidery. For the latter, I haven't been doing
it all that long (less than a year), but I've seen some
mild success with an Etsy shop. It's something that doesn't
require tons of focus or thinking, but gives me immense pleasure
from start to finish.

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